The College's Research and Creative Activity Grant is designed to develop the capacity of outstanding faculty to conduct creative activity or research studies in their areas of academic interest. One-year research grants are available through this program. Those receiving the Grant are selected from among College faculty.  The Grant is only seed money to initiate a project with potential for attaining extramural funds, or to fund a modest project.  The maximum award amount is $3,000. 


The Research and Creative Activity Grant provides support for research that focuses on the academic interests of College faculty at the University of Guam. Consideration will be given to research efforts that advance knowledge. Examples of the types of activities that would be of interest to the award selection committee include, but are not limited to:

1. Qualitative and quantitative studies in the Arts, Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities and Language Arts, or creative artistic projects;

2. Regional studies of the effects of government policies on commerce, culture, education, health, and the environment;
3. Design and evaluation studies of curriculum and student outcomes;
4. Analyses of global events;
5. Data studies of leading health and social welfare indicators; and
6. Scientific studies of the environment and related disciplines.


Awards are available for individual or collaborating faculty. In addition to their research activities, faculty will participate in a lecture series and invited events sponsored by the College.


Eligibility and Selection. CLASS Faculty are eligible to apply. A review committee comprised of the CLASS Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) will contribute to the proposal review and selection process. 


Use of Research Funds. The Research and Creative Activity Grant is given to faculty to conduct research studies in their areas of academic interest. Awards can be used to fund student stipends, supplies, equipment, and other expenses incurred as part of faculty research activities. Travel and principal investigator salaries are not supported by this grant. Award recipients will prepare a final/annual report and will make a presentation of their research findings at a College conference or public lecture.  University procurement rules must be followed.


Program Direction.  The AAC provides overall direction for the Grant and makes selection decisions.  The Dean and Associate Dean will review proposals for financial accountability and provide technical assistance for processing the applications and administering awards.

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